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  • We are partnered with the most reputable companies that offer car insurance in Singapore.
  • You can get a significant amount of savings from our low car insurance plan. 
  • Our Online Car Insurance Form is convenient and easy to fill up.
  • In just a few hours, you will get 3-5 auto insurance quotations from us.
  • We offer great value and reliable quotations for your car insurance policy.
  • We have our own in-house team of workshop personnel to attend to your needs in an event of an accident or a claim.
car insurance singapore, Insurance

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    car insurance singapore, Insurance
    car insurance singapore, Insurance
    car insurance singapore, Insurance
    car insurance singapore, Insurance

    About Think One Insurance

    Searching for and getting a competitive and flexible car insurance is one of the most important things that you should focus on if you own a car in Singapore. At Think One Insurance, we will assist you in achieving this objective by providing you with a comprehensive quote at no cost.

    We are a known provider of motor insurance in Singapore. It is our goal to equip vehicle owners with only the best policies. Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance has an almost all-encompassing list of benefits that reflects in the policy owner’s protection scheme in case of fire or theft, and third-party damages. Benefits that are covered under the scheme which is administered to both the vehicle and the owner are laid out thoroughly to make sure that the holder of the policy is protected fully; we see to it that policyholders are aware of the information on the types of benefits, as well as the limits of coverage, so they can adjust their insurance plan according to their needs and preferences.

    Here at Think One Insurance, clients at every touchpoint are able to have a fulfilling experience. In fact, they can safely entrust the deposits as it will be protected under the policy of Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). In the event of a personal accident, the coverage for your policy can be claimed to cover medical expenses and other unexpected costs. Roadside assistance is an additional benefit that can be incorporated into the policy owner’s insurance to ensure that they will be assisted and provided with professional services in case of road troubles. Car accidents are terrifying mishaps so every vehicle owner should take advanced steps in preparing for potential danger and unfortunate situations that might lead to financial loss.

    We always strive hard to make sourcing for car insurance in Singapore easy and hassle-free for you. Our specialists are ready to help you anytime and give you the best insurance quotation & advice that will suit your unique needs.

    For enquiries on our car insurance, please contact us at: +65 6555 3300.