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Do’s And Don’ts Of Renting a Commercial Vehicle

Do's And Don'ts Of Renting a Commercial Vehicle

Commercial vehicles come in a range of sizes and formats. Whether you’re a one-person business or a corporation with outlets across the country, having the right commercial vehicle often plays a vital role in the success of your business operations. That said, renting a commercial vehicle can be a little daunting, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.  Think One is a leading provider of vehicle leasing and rental services in Singapore, and […]

3 Reasons To Hire a Charter Bus For Your Company Event

3 Reasons To Hire a Charter Bus For Your Company Event

If you are organising a company event that would take place in a different city or state, one of the most important factors to consider is the type of transportation used. Booking a bus makes for the wisest choice should there be 15 or more employees, ensuring comfort, safety and a great travelling experience.  There are undeniable numerous benefits that come with renting a chartered bus for your company’s event. Choosing a reputable and exemplary […]