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3 Things To Note When Moving House With A Rental Van

3 Things To Note When Moving House With A Rental Van

Moving house is an experience that many of us in Singapore are not new to. Regardless of where the new location is, getting all the belongings from your old home into your new one can sometimes be a difficult endeavour without a proper vehicle. That is in addition to the endless list of things to take note of when it comes to house moving such as furniture measurements, and ensuring that the old house has […]

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Used Car

4 Mistakes to avoid when buying a used car

Purchasing a second hand car can be a smart investment with COE prices in Singapore remaining at a high. This is because first-time and second-time car buyers now have more options, ranging from basic to luxury models, all at much affordable prices. Cars depreciate quickly, so car owners with high-quality, well-performing vehicles often sell them for a lower price in order to purchase something newer in the market. This means that a near-new car can […]