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Why Electric Cars will be the Future Trend?

In recent years, electric cars have been gaining significant momentum and attention in the automotive industry. The shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) is not just a passing fad but a fundamental change in the way we think about transportation.     Here’s the reason why electric cars are poised to become the dominant trend in the automotive world: Environmental Concerns One of the primary drivers behind the rise of electric cars is the growing awareness […]

How Renting Commercial Vehicles Can Benefit Your Business

How Renting Commercial Vehicles Can Benefit Your Business

Running a business involves a lot of planning and strategizing, especially when it comes to managing resources. Amongst these, the transportation aspect can be particularly tricky, as it requires a considerable amount of investment and upkeep. This reason, along with the way the world economy is changing, is why many companies big and small are looking into commercial vehicle rental as an alternative, rather than buying them outright. In this article, we discuss the various […]

What Business Owners Should Know About Changes to the CVES and ETS Scheme


In recent years, Singapore has implemented a range of policies and initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable practices. Two of these are the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) and the Carbon Pricing Act.  As a leading provider of commercial vehicles in Singapore, Think One is dedicated to keeping customers in the know about the latest updates on these initiatives. Keep reading to learn more about the two […]

Types of Lorries and What They Should Be Used for

Types of Lorries and What They Should Be Used for

An essential mode of transportation, lorries are large vehicles used for transporting commodities and people, usually from the warehouse to the customer or vice versa. However, different types of lorries are designed for different purposes and carrying capacities. Hence, it is crucial to select the appropriate vehicle for your transportation needs carefully.  Think One is an established commercial vehicle rental company in Singapore, and we discuss the various types of lorries and their appropriate uses […]

3 Habits That Drains Your Car’s Battery

3 Habits That Drains Your Cars Battery-new car for sale singapore

Your car’s battery is a crucial component that ensures your vehicle is kept running smoothly. It is responsible for powering everything from your headlights to your engine and air conditioning. However, contrary to popular belief, poor driving practices rather than manufacturing flaws are often the primary cause of damaged car batteries. This is because bad driving habits can result in acid stratification and battery depletion, rendering the battery completely useless. But what are these habits […]