4 Tips to Load and Unload Your Commercial Van Safely

4 Tips to Load and Unload Your Commercial Van Safely

Typically, when one rents a commercial van in Singapore, the general assumption is that it is to ferry a large quantity of goods. With that in mind, the ideal scenario would therefore be to safely carry as much as possible in one go without having to spend unnecessary time and petrol making multiple trips. One way to go about doing this is to use effective loading and unloading techniques that maximise the available space and minimise the risk of damage done to the goods. If you ever find yourself in this situation, here are some tips to load and unload your commercial van in Singapore safely and efficiently.

Load Large Items First

Commercial van rental Singapore Load Large Items First

Source: https://provincialmoving.com/how-to-load-moving-vehicle-moving-in-edmonton-ab/

The easiest way to envision this is to imagine planning the loading of your goods around the largest items. This allows you to later fit all your smaller items around the former. By securing the bulkiest and presumably heaviest items first, it also minimises the chances of those items crushing the smaller ones later on during the journey. Heavy items should also be evenly distributed evenly across the floor surface of your van, preferably across the areas of your van that are structurally durable. Additionally, pay extra attention to long or fragile items like mirrors and shelves, ensuring that they are secured along the wall of the van. The great thing about commercial van rental in Singapore with ThinkOne is that our fleet of vans are spacious and always kept in excellent condition, which is always reassuring if you need to transport heavy, fragile, or expensive items.

Distribute the Load Evenly

Commercial van rental Singapore Distribute the Load Evenly

A general rule of thumb when it comes to loading your commercial vehicle in Singapore is to arrange items in rows from the back to the front of the van’s storage space. You should also be utilising all space under and inside items like chairs, tables, and so on, to help restrict the movement of small items that are harder to secure. Additionally, dismantle large items like tables to lower the centre of gravity of top-heavy goods that are prone to wobbling. This also makes loading and unloading them easier and less tedious. Above all, follow the van’s load capacity — after all, they exist for a reason.

As Much as Possible, Secure Everything

Commercial van rental Singapore As Much as Possible, Secure Everything

Source: https://dolezych.com/load-securing-3/lashing-nets

If this is your first van rental in Singapore, you may not have experienced the logistical nightmare that is unsecured goods bouncing from side to side in your van as you navigate bumpy and uneven roads, or even when you turn a corner. In short, cargo can slide around during the journey, and it’s important to ensure that your goods are carefully secured and made visible by affixing high-visibility materials to the parts that protrude the most. Also, protect fragile and delicate items with soft and thick layers like blankets. There are also anchoring points within the van, as well as tensioning straps to tie things down.

Beware of Items that Have Moved

Commercial van rental Singapore Beware of Items that Have Moved

No matter how secure you’ve strapped your items down in your commercial van in Singapore, it’s inevitable that some items might have moved during the journey, even if everything looks in place when it’s time to unload them. Therefore, approach your goods with caution as you might have unbalanced items on the verge of falling. It’s also advisable to wear gloves when you unload to avoid broken glass or splinters from damaged items.

Transporting goods can be a stressful endeavour with their safety squarely in your hands. Get affordable and reliable van leasing in Singapore today with your trusted partners at ThinkOne. For more information about our services, please visit our website.

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