3 Things To Note When Moving House With A Rental Van

3 Things To Note When Moving House With A Rental Van

Moving house is an experience that many of us in Singapore are not new to. Regardless of where the new location is, getting all the belongings from your old home into your new one can sometimes be a difficult endeavour without a proper vehicle. That is in addition to the endless list of things to take note of when it comes to house moving such as furniture measurements, and ensuring that the old house has been completely cleared out.

There’s no denying how the process can be one that feels tedious for many. This is how commercial van rentals can come in to help save valuable time and money, on top of making your relocation a fuss-free process. In this article, we share some vital things to take note of when moving to a new house with a rental van. 

Take measurements of your furniture

Before your move, make sure to take measurements of your furniture, as well as the doors, ceilings, and passageways of your new house. This will ensure all your furniture will be able to fit into the intended rooms. Some houses also have rooms with particularly low ceilings, so this is something you may need to take note of.

Don’t leave this step to the last minute as you will need the time to decide which furniture you are unable to bring over. Doing so will also allow time to shop for items that you might need, and have them shipped to your new place in time for your move. 

Choose the right size 

 Choose the right size-van leasing singapore

Size matters when it comes to choosing the right van for your move. A minivan of around 4m3 can hold a full room on its inside, but if you need to move a full house worth of items for three rooms, you will probably require at least a van with 10m3. 

For a rough estimate of the volume needed, we recommend measuring your packages or storage boxes. It would then be of good sense to select a van from a commercial vehicle rental company that has a capacity of more than what needs to be moved to avoid multiple trips.

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Inspect the van before driving off

Inspect the van before driving off-commercial vehicle rental

Before driving away, check the interior and exterior of the vehicle for damages as this should be detailed on your agreement. Inspect also the fuel level and mileage, and ensure what is indicated in the contract is accurate. Doing so will help avoid incurring extra charges for damages that you weren’t responsible for.

We hope this article has provided some useful tips on preparing for your move. With the right services on your side on top of early preparation, you can be assured of a smoother moving experience. 

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