4 Things to Note When Renting a Lorry

4 Things to Note When Renting a Lorry

There are different kinds of commercial vehicle leasing in Singapore, from cars, to motorcycles, to vans and lorries. While the rental processes across the board are largely similar, it is the minute details that ultimately differ. For instance, the reasons for renting a car and a van are different, as are the specifications of the respective vehicle, and that requires different considerations. If you’re new to lorry leasing in Singapore, here are some things to take note of before renting one.

Book Your Rental Early

Book your Lorry leasing in Singapore early

This rule is relevant regardless of the type of commercial vehicle in Singapore you’re renting, but is perhaps more important when you’re trying to rent a lorry. More often than not, lorries are rented for logistical purposes, like transporting large objects, moving out, and so on. Not only are these events time-sensitive, they’re often important too. Considering the fact that you’re definitely not the only one in need of logistical support on any given day, it’s best to book your lorry rental early to minimise the chances of not being able to secure your vehicle for your desired day and time, especially if you’re planning on moving things during the holiday season when other families are probably doing the same.

Determine the Size of the Lorry You Need

Lorry leasing in Singapore determine the size

Transporting items can be a physically demanding task even with a lorry — you’ll still have to move things to the lorry itself. The last thing you want is to make more trips than necessary, nor do you want to pay more than what’s necessary for a lorry that is larger than what you actually need. When it comes to lorry leasing in Singapore, there are usually 4 kinds of lorries — open, canopy, box, and box with tailgate. Each type comes with different specifications and sizes, so familiarise yourself with the different lorries available and pick one that best suits your requirements.

Familiarise Yourself with the Lorry

Familiarise yourself with  lorry leasing in Singapore

Driving a lorry is vastly different from driving a car, so just because you’re adept behind the wheel of the latter doesn’t automatically make you a competent lorry driver. For instance, depending on the size of the lorry, even navigating a tight corner will require more coordination and skill than when you’re doing so in a smaller commercial vehicle in Singapore, like a car. To that end, consider taking up lessons on how to handle a lorry, that is if you are already licensed to drive one. If you’re still unsure or not confident enough, another alternative would be to seek out a friend who is able to, or ask the rental company to recommend a driver.

Inspect Your Rented Lorry

Inspect your rented lorry in Singapore

You’ve found the ideal lorry for the date and time you want, and have gotten up to speed with handling a lorry. All that’s left is to pick it up and drive off. However, before you do that, be sure to inspect your vehicle for any damages and take pictures as proof that you did not cause those damages before, during, or after your lorry leasing in Singapore. Depending on the policy of each rental company, you’ll most likely have to refuel the lorry before returning it. More importantly, ensure that it is returned in the same condition as when you first received it.

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