Why do Businesses rent cars and why Think One Leasing is the best choice for you!

Car keys of a vehicle rental in singapore

Why do Businesses rent cars and why Think One Leasing is the best choice for you!

When minimizing the costs of an operation, some companies will minimize their purchase of assets if they are not used often enough to warrant the price. An easy example is cars- if transportation doesn’t happen much in a company, renting instead might be considered because it provides so many benefits.


If you’re looking for short-term commitments – say a few days or weeks – renting a car is the best option rather than buying one and letting it sit in parking lots and idle. Choose Think One Leasing’s corporate car rental packages so you can rent cars to last just as long as you need them!


Renting a car gives you the luxury of driving whatever model vehicle you want, while also allowing businesses to change vehicles according to whichever is needed at any given time. Variability also means being able to better adapt what your staff drives- giving you more flexibility when it comes to meeting whatever your company’s current need may be.


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Renting a vehicle makes it possible for you to choose comfort over cost if necessary, particularly when your company car is used only for business meetings. You want to make a great first impression and impressions are everything, which starts the minute you pick up your guest from the airport in a comfortable style.


convenience of commercial vehicle rental in singapore

There are various reasons why renting a car is a good idea – most prominently, the convenience it brings. Bigger organizations will find this particularly useful when moving from one location to another as they can do so with greater speed without wasting company time. Furthermore, this will also make your business more profitable – for you save money by using fewer employee hours and at the same time maintain or even increase profits because of how much work you’ll be able to complete in such little time.


fleet of luxury commercial vehicle rental in singapore

When renting cars for business purposes, many companies opt for luxury vehicles because it reflects well on their branding. This is an unwise investment for some businesses because purchasing a luxury vehicle requires time and effort to make monthly payments. With the option to rent premium cars available through Think One Leasing, you can have all of the benefits of a high-end car without taking out any loans.


One major challenge when buying a new car is this thing called depreciation. It affects all vehicles eventually, although the rate varies depending on make and model. When you factor in depreciation plus downpayment and monthly bank payments, you’ve got yourself one whole new set of expensive monthly fees.

If the need for cars fluctuates greatly in your company, renting them will make more sense than purchasing them. You’ll end up saving money in the long run and you’ll be able to reap all the benefits of leasing – flexibility, free maintenance, etc. Contact us today to see how we can help!

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